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We are a German-Turkish company based in the cotton capital DENIZLI-TURKEY. We manufacture textiles and advertising materials with a high quality standard. Everything in our production facility is certified according to Ökotex Standard.


Our product overview:

* Woven goods: Blouses, Pants, Blazers, Skirts etc

* Hosiery: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Pajamas, etc.

* Bags, Beach Bags, Kitchen Towels.

* Bathrobe; Towel,

* Bed Sheets, Bed Linen,

Our company offers customers abroad the following professional and reasonable services based on the principle of satisfaction:


1) Search for manufacturers, and bind,

2) price negotiation on your behalf,

3) Order tracking

4) Collection of goods

5) Orders and quality control

6) Release and all necessary documents

7) Hotel booking

Our service principle is to offer good service and develop robust loans. We strive to build long-term, cooperative partnerships with suppliers, customers and friends to promote friendship, equality, mutual benefit and collaboration. We believe that we can offer all our customers a first class service with our professional level and our strong network! We are at your disposal for questions and suggestions.


We are at your disposal for any questions ans suggestions.


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Taner Kışla

Order process

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Bath & towels

Bedding set



High quality samples are the prerequisite for an impressive collection presentation and guarantee a successful sale. From this point of view we make ourselves the main task. The basis of an expressive collection is the right selection of fabrics. We will shortly be realizing and developing materials that our customers give us. In order to ensure quality, the sketch distribution and selected manufacturing companies are carried out according to their qualifications and specialization. All development phases of the sample creation, from the prototype to the duplication of our permanent goods control and deadline monitoring. In addition, our customers are regularly informed about the current status of the sampling. Our team ensures the perfect quality and processing as well as the timely dispatch of the samples so that the collection is a success.




The goods and quality control is carried out by our employees. With the appropriate training and many years of professional experience, they are ideally qualified for these tasks. In order to always guarantee our customers flawless quality and workmanship and to prevent production errors and defects, quality control takes place regularly in the manufacturing companies. This takes place from the start of production to the day of delivery. Continuous communication with our customers and manufacturers, our quick response to requests, inquiries and clarifications, as well as the correct processing of orders, guarantee perfect and problem-free production processing.



It happens again and again that buyers are faced with delayed delivery dates of their productions.
This brings with it a negative response in the sales figures, which is why one of our greatest concerns is the monitoring and securing of the agreed delivery times. The basic prerequisites for this are, on the one hand, our cooperation with flexible and reliable suppliers who care about punctual delivery and, on the other hand, our daily goods inspection on site to avoid any problems that may arise. In order to achieve a good sales result, punctual deliveries and high quality standards are a prerequisite.


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